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Why this tea?

Our Chakra Balance “NamasTEA" is a herbal tea crafted to promote balance and alignment within the body's chakra energy centers. This unique blend is thoughtfully designed to support overall well-being by harmonizing the subtle energies associated with each chakra. Enjoy a soothing cup to enhance your sense of balance and vitality.

This tea includes poppy seeds, rose, and lavender herbs.

Our herbs are purchased by a certified organic distributers. Quality is 100% guaranteed. You won’t be disappointed



Add 1 teaspoons of the Chakra Balance tea into your infuser.

Place the infuser into a cup of hot water. Allow your tea to steep for 2-3 minutes.

Drink 1 cup as needed

Tip: Add Honey to Sweeten the taste.

This 8oz Mason jar will make ~20 cups of tea, that’s

~ $1 per cup!

Click the PayPal option to purchase for $7 today and pay the rest later.

Subscribe to this TEA !

Diva Steam "Tea" Monthly Subscription will save you $4 per month on this Tea. You can change your tea selection monthly for a tea that is of equal of lesser value.

Chakra Balance

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