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Why this tea?

Our Energy tea "VitaliTEA Boost" is an energized tea blend designed to enhance overall well-being and energy levels. Carefully crafted with a blend of invigorating herbs, this tea provides a natural and sustained energy boost. Please note that it contains caffeine, contributing to its revitalizing effects. Enjoy the uplifting experience of VitaliTEA Boost to fuel your day with vitality. This tea contains Organic Green Tea, Ashwagandha herbs

Our herbs are purchased by a certified organic distributers. Quality is 100% guaranteed. You won’t be disappointed



Add 1 teaspoons of the Energy tea into your infuser.

Place the infuser into a cup of hot water. Allow your tea to steep for 2-3 minutes.

Drink 1 cup in the morning to start you day

Tip: Add Honey to Sweeten the taste.

This 8oz Mason jar will make ~20 cups of tea, that’s

~ $1 per cup!

Click the PayPal option to purchase for $7 today and pay the rest later.

Subscribe to this TEA !

Diva Steam "Tea" Monthly Subscription will save you $4 per month on this Tea. You can change your tea selection monthly for a tea that is of equal of lesser value.

Energy Tea

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